“How it Works!”

Initial Meeting through Estimating:

After our first meeting or phone discussion, designing the project is the initial step in our process. We gather ideas and knowledge of the project parameters, which gives us the direction to conceptualize the job from start to finish.

We discuss various options with our design engineers and estimators who have years of experience. Once an idea has been approved we start the prototype process. This in turn, enables us to provide an accurate estimate. Once the prototypes have been produced and reviewed we can then adjust the final estimate accordingly.

Final Prototypes through Production:

Final prototypes are reviewed when a test mailing, photo shoot, or intricate graphics need to be confirmed. Often times the prototypes are exactly what our customers are looking for, but we always want you to be 100% sure before we proceed with any order. This is an important part of the process and one we feel is extremely helpful. There are many methods of making a prototype and those options are typically discussed in our initial meeting.

We encourage our customers to join us when we visit our facilities during the production phases. If that is not possible, know that we will be tracking the production from start to finish making sure your product is exactly as you expected


One of the most overlooked processes is what to do with your product after it is produced.  We started BG&P over 30 years ago along with an assembly division with warehousing to satisfy the needs of our customers, and today we have several locations to accommodate most requirements. Whether your needs are long term, short term, pick and pack or a mass distribution effort, we have the staff and facility to handle the largest of requests down to the most intricate project. Many of our customers store their materials in our warehouse and allow us to ship and produce as needed from their database within our website. We actually begin the thought process on distribution at the initial meeting, working from the beginning to the end, which gives us a more thorough and detailed approach.