Merriam – Webster defines “binder” for the English Language Learners as: a cover for holding together sheets of paper, a material that is used to hold things together.

At Binder Graphics & Packaging, Inc. we like to think outside the ordinary. Certainly the traditional vinyl, plastic, paperboard or leather 3-ring binder may be the perfect fit for your project, but we like to “let the horses run wild” and present something that is unique to your project and the industry it targets. We have every conceivable option to bind loose pages, and an arsenal of pockets, windows, pen loops, etc. that can customize any of the methods below. We can provide product manufactured from recycled content, and even provide product that is 20% to 100% recyclable.

Turned Edge Binders

In today’s market, the variety of materials offered for turned edge binders – either offset printed or foil stamped – make this style of 3 ring binder the top choice for most applications.

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Poly Binders

Made for extremely heavy use and best suited for an industrial look and feel, poly binders are both inexpensive and the most durable of all 3-ring binder materials.

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Vinyl Binders

Vinyl binders are the “work horse” of the industry and served as the industry standard for many years because of their versatility.

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Paperboard Binders

Paperboard Binders are an economical way to promote your project or product with full graphic emulation.

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