In the early 1980’s Ron King began his career in the binder industry working for a Georgia Pacific sales agency that sold vinyl binders.  It wasn’t long before Ron realized that his client base was looking for exceptional service and loyalty, and products beyond a 3 ring binder. To answer that need, Binder Graphics & Packaging, Inc. was formed in the fall of 1986.  The company quickly established itself as the expert in loose leaf packaging and expanded to provide packaging in all shapes and sizes.


Binder Graphics & Packaging began as a one-person operation and currently has ownership in 3 industry-related companies that offer complete solutions for their customers. From ribbon to carbon fiber, from raw alcohol components to old staves from long ago, if it can be made into a packaging project we’ve done it the right way. Our  manufacturing gives us the ability to work out the most intricate details and provide timely samples and estimates.


Our greatest challenges are maintaining the goals we have set as a company, recognizing the changing technology in today’s world and keeping our employees focused on the vision we had when the company was established.  Our industry is constantly changing, customers are requesting shorter production lead times, and the projects are more demanding. Binder Graphics still maintains total customer service under those circumstances on a daily basis with a dedicated network of employees ready to serve you.  Let us show you how the fine art of communication can be enhanced with high quality products.