Turned Edge Binders

In today’s market, the variety of materials offered for turned edge binders – either offset printed or foil stamped – make this style of 3 ring binder the top choice for most applications. The list of outer materials is endless, ranging from various exotic papers and cloths to even materials that look and [...]

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Poly Binders

Poly binders are the perfect solution for extremely heavy use and are an ideal choice for an industrial look and feel. Poly 3 – ring binders are both inexpensive and the most durable of all binder materials. Binders or packaging made from a single sheet of supported material is extruded from raw granular [...]

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Paperboard Binders

Paperboard 3–ring binders promote your project with full graphic emulation. Different weights of the material “SBS“(a rigid board paper stock) and various methods of finishing can make virtually anything “come to life” with this type of binder. Offset printing and a combination of lamination and embossing techniques are key applications for this lightweight [...]

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Vinyl Binders

For many years vinyl binders have been the “work horse” of our industry because of their versatility. Vinyl 3-ring binders allow many decorating options such as: single to multiple screen printing, debossing/embossing, foil stamping, to name a few. The vinyl material comes in various colors and thicknesses, offering a custom look for every [...]

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